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Hello, my name is Connor Edge. I was born on the 17th of September 2011. I live in Otonga. My Dad’s name is Marty. I have two brothers called Kyrin and Braxton. Kyrin is the oldest and he is nine. Braxton is the youngest he is six and I’m seven. I have a dog called Starfire and my hobby is going to Flipout. I like bouncing and flipping on the Tramps.


  Weta are an endemic insect because they are only found in NZ.  They lay their eggs in the Autumn and Winter and  they  hatch in spring Weta live in caves, logs, tree trunks and grassland. [...]

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  A challenge is something that is not always easy to do at first. I find maths a challenge because it is hard to do takeaways. I need to work hard. I practice jumping on [...]

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The Tui

The Tui is native to New Zealand. Tui can be bully birds. The Tui is a bluish, greenish, black bird and it has a pom pom on its neck. It is a white pom pom. [...]

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