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Aloha my name is Tamati-Irie Glean Cooper and I am nine years old and I was born January 8th 2010. I have four brothers and five sisters and their names are Beau, Falcon, Deon, Joesph, my sisters are Chris, Summer, Princess, Kiri and Harper. The things that I like is rugby, Fortnite and playing Epic Games and playing with my dogs. My dog’s names are Quin and Nnunu and my cats' names are Brick, Bossy, Browny and Flash. My unfavorite things that I don't like to do are fighting, getting muddy and getting cat fur on my clothes because they sleep In my drawers!!! When I grow up I am going to be a professional BMX rider and a builder and a rugby player.

Weta punga

The weta is an endemic insect of New Zealand. A Weta has spiny legs, strong tusks, hairy legs and little eyes. They have six legs and they can grab on to you. Weta are usually found [...]

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A challenge is something that is not easy at first. If you keep on trying you can always accomplish your challenges. It’s like you can do something like that you really want to do like [...]

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  The Karearea is an endemic NZ  bird   A karearea is a big fierce hunter. They’re white and fluffy brown and as. They have  got sharp eyesight and they also have white dots on [...]

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Remember The Holidays

Remember when we went to Coopers beach and got four full buckets of pipi and half a bucket of pipi? That was my holidays! Remember when we went scuba diving with sharks, stingrays and tropical fish [...]

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