A challenge is something that is not always easy at first but if you don’t give up you will get there. Each day I’m trying to get my so-called hard maths right but I know if I don’t give up, I will get it. At the moment I seem to not get my long division all right, so I will keep on trying. My big goal for the year is to become a responsible class leader and stepping up to my class roles. Sometimes I get carried away and start to be silly and start to lose control.In class, I can be a bit more passionate in some of my work like getting it done in time. But if I speed up more I can work faster.In class, I need to quieten it down a bit because when I get to loud the person next to me won’t be able to concentrate on their reading plus and they won’t get a pass. Next week on Wednesday  I’m going to challenge myself to come first 2nd or 3rd so I can go to Barge park and vs even more kids. Each year I will face new challenges and each year I can learn to do them. I know that as long as I’m determined I can do it!