The The Pukeko is a native New Zealand bird.

The Pukeko is a medium-sized bird, with a red beak and red eyes. It has blue and black feathers, with long orange legs. It is quite chubby. They weigh 969 grams and grow about 38 – 59 cm long.

Pukeko live in many different places like fresh or brackish water, swamps, lagoons, grassy areas and pastures. 

The Pukeko is a wetlands bird and has a variable mating system, They may nest as monogamous pairs. Female lay 4 – 6 eggs. Their highest amount can be 18 eggs. They sit on their eggs for 23 – 27 days, hatching takes over several days. After 4 – 5 days the chicks leave their nests.

Pukeko eat many things like insects, worms,  frogs, berries and seeds. They even eat other types of birds and their eggs. Some people don’ t know this but they eat eels and clovers as well.

Did you know that Pukeko is known as the swamphen, and they can fly a  long distance.

I think the Pukeko is an amazing bird.