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Hello, my name is Ezekiel Henry and I am seven years old. I live on Whananaki North Rd. My birthday is on the 5th of February and I was born in Whangarei. My sisters' names are Kaliya and Kaelee. My sisters can sometimes be annoying. My hobbies are bike riding, playing video games and watching tv. When I grow up I want to be a jet pilot.


The kiwi is a native NZ bird. There are five different kinds of kiwi in NZ. They are brown short-winged, have black eyes and long legs. They are also little spotted kiwi that are pretty [...]

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The Piwakawaka is a native endemic bird of NZ. The Piwakawaka has a fan as a tail to help it glide and balance. They are a very small bird. In fact they are one of the [...]

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