My Bridge

   Every morning and evening I ride my bike across the Whananaki footbridge to and from school. This wooden bridge is the longest footbridge in the Southern Hemisphere and it is 395 metres long I'm [...]

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Lachlan’s Pepeha

Ka tangi te tītī, ka tangi te kākā, ka tangi hoki ahau tihei wa mauri ora   Ko Rangitoto toku Maunga Ko Otiria  toku Awa Ko Mataatua toku waka Ko Tahahiwai toku marae Ko Te [...]

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    Mum and dads bed was usual enough. It had two pillows, sheets a comfy mattress with springs and even an IPad to play Jurassic World the Game. Beau and I did what gamers [...]

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Practising Snorkeling

Yesterday morning everyone in my class went snorkeling down in our big blue estuary. We had our togs on ready to dive in and start snorkeling around the bridge to check out the fish around [...]

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Matariki sleep over

Matariki  Sleep over, Story telling, As we have fun, As we gather with whanau, Talking with whanau, Having a hakari with friends, Weaving flax with family, Happy New year, Kaimoana.  

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The Poor Knights

    The Poor Knights Islands are a Marine Reserve off the Tutukaka coast. It is a group of rocky Islands surrounded by water full of wonderful fish.   It is three islands with cliffs and lots [...]

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My Place

The classroom was usual enough It had computers, games, children, books and even teachers gliding around the classroom.   The other children and I did what kids do. Computer work, maths games, quietly reading, playing [...]

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Beeswax Wraps

  Goal: How to make beeswax wraps.   Materials: Oven Beeswax Square of cotton fabric Pinking shears Tray Tin foil Grater   Steps: Step 1 Use the pinking shears to cut a square of cotton [...]

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What Am I ?

I am an animal that has four legs and soft skin, that is olive green, brown or grey in colour. There are holes in the side of my head that act as ears. From head [...]

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My Place

The plum tree was usual enough It had branches, plums, bark, sticks and even holes where birds could roost.   Sophie and I did what siblings do. Jumped off branches played tag and demolished plums. [...]

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